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10th-Feb-2007 07:08 pm - INFORMATION

Princeton, New Jersey. A town most noted for its famous Ivy League school, Princeton University. But within the walls of Princeton-Plainsboro Teaching Hospital, nothing is more remarkable than the cases that fall on to the desk of one Dr. Gregory House, Head of Diagnostic Medicine. Rare, bizarre, and exotic are just some of the ways to describe the cases, medicine, practices, and personalities of this world renowned diagnostics department. Life is never dull for the doctors involved, or anyone surrounding them. With this game we invite you to step into that world and interact and contribute to the interesting fabric of life inside.

plainsboro is a livejournal and AIM based RPG set in the universe of the highly popular Fox TV drama, House MD. Here we strive for accuracy with canon details, canon characterization, and strong writing. Consider this one large collaborative story that we are all striving to mold and develop into something we can all enjoy. If you are interested in joining us, keep reading for more information.
10th-Feb-2007 07:08 pm - RULES
Please read these thoroughly before joining!

ONE · Character journals are required. They may not be currently in use in another game. Separate games, separate journals. Think of the journal as your character's livejournal and the community as Princeton-Plainsboro Teaching Hospital's official livejournal community where the staff and family come together. Update your character's journal as you would your own, as long as it's in character. Get creative, have fun. You are also welcome to update with narrative entries (ie. "Cameron sat in her room, thinking about the day.") but please keep them strictly narrative. Don't break into a journal entry in the middle. Narrative entries posted in your personal character journal are also not meant for threading or interaction. Those must go in the main community, plainsboro.

TWO · All scene threading takes place in plainsboro. If you'd like to post a scene that anyone may jump in on, please put it in the main community. When posting a thread, please use this form:

The opening post should be put behind the lj-cut. Anyone is welcome to comment and interact on these posts, unless specified not to by the "Open To:" field. Please also keep track of where your character is at what times so they don't end up in two places at once. We haven't mastered time travel yet.

If a thread involves more than two characters, try to establish a posting order. For example: Character A posts, then Character B post, then Character C posts, repeat.

Try to make thread posts substantial. We support writing quality and "Foreman walked into the room." isn't much to go on. Take your time. A paragraph or more is ideal.

AIM scenes are also welcome as set up and decided between writers. We hope that you will post the log in the main community when it is finished for the rest of the game's enjoyment. Do not take any information you learn from threads or logs your character was not present in and use it IC. This is only acceptable if it happens in a public location, which is explained further below.

AIM conversation logs are also welcome to be posted in the main community if you'd like to share. Again, do not take these IC unless you were present or unless the character posts them in a context where everyone can see (ie: House posts a snippet of his conversation with Cuddy as some sort of harassment tactic). Otherwise they are to be treated as normal logs and labeled as logs when posting.

All information taking place in a public location is accessible. If you don't want a kiss to be common knowledge, do not have it take place in the hospital cafeteria! Think about your "Location" when writing threads or posting AIM logs. The same goes for journal entries. If your character doesn't want everyone seeing something they write, do not make it public to everyone. That's just common sense.

THREE · NO GODMODDING. I'm sure if you've ever role-played before, you are familiar with this rule. Unless you have express permission to do so, you may not control another player's character. Do not say Cameron spent the day with Chase unless you have permission to. Do not say House punched Chase in the face, knocking him down. House may direct a punch at Chase's face, but it should be worded in such a way that Chase's writer can decide if he is hit or if he moves. Check out this post for more information.

We do not need to know every action of your character's day, but if it effects other characters, it is a good idea to make them aware in some manner. Please make use of plainsboro_ooc. This is a great way to discuss details and plot with other writers. If you have an idea for a big event or plotline that will effect everyone, take it here first. Get feedback. Work out details. Surprises and twists are fine, but use your judgment. If you feel someone is abusing this rule, please contact hospitaladmin. We want to keep this running smoothly with as little OOC conflict as possible.

FOUR · As with all RPGs, this line is not to be crossed. Do not bring OOC into IC play. In the same way IC issues should not carry over to OOC. If two characters are fighting, that does not mean their players should be fighting. If two players are fighting, that does not mean their characters should be fighting too. Keep the two separate. The mods can only do so much and we should not have to govern over everyone like school kids. Please be mature and reasonable about this. But know if you do have a problem, you can always contact us via the Admin Post.

FIVE · DO YOUR RESEARCH! This is important. Obviously we are not all doctors and some of the medical aspects of this game will be completely inaccurate, but do your best. Don't diagnose a POTW with something that doesn't even fit one of the symptoms they're presenting with. There's plenty of medical websites to browse around in order to stay remotely in the realm of possibility. We are lenient with the medicine, but don't be ridiculous.

This also applies to characters. If you are doctor, please take into consideration how long it takes to reach certain educational levels and certifications. You cannot play a twenty-year old department head.

Last but not least, research your canon. Details keep everyone on the same page. There are obvious discrepancies in canon timeline information, but at least know it. We have helpfully provided reference material here for our players.

SIX · Characterization, characterization, characterization. House is not a kind-hearted, bubbly individual so don't write him that way. Think about what you know about the character you are playing. Think about the way you have seen them react. Apply this to the situations you are putting them in and keep this realistic. Try to stay away from cliché's or being two-dimensional. Cameron may be the more morally driven, caring personality of the team but remember there is more to her than that. There are good and bad attributes, strengths and weaknesses to every character. Explore them. Expand on them. But always keep in mind who your character is and try to keep the characterization as realistic as possible.

SEVEN · We're not all English professors, but try to be comprehensible. Spell check is there for a reason. Watch your grammar. We don't want to read posts that continually make our eyes bleed.

EIGHT · You will see that in the application there is a place for submitting an AIM name for your character. This is not required but it is recommended. We hope to have interaction between characters on AIM. Pop them online now and then, add the other characters to your buddylist. House might want to IM Cuddy about how nice her boobs are looking that afternoon. Having an AIM name for your character could lead to some entertaining interaction so please consider registering one. Also, if you haven't already, downloading a cloning program may be helpful so you can be logged in on more than one screen name at once. AIM+ is free and takes up very little space.

NINE · This game has no set rating. All we ask is that you warn for mature or sexual themes in threads when posting. Feel free to write what you're comfortable with but don't turn this into one huge smutpile. The point of the game is not hooking up characters, so please don't make that your priority. On that note, slash, femmeslash and het are all welcome here. If you cannot tolerate one of them, don't join.

TEN · You may have two canon characters and as many originals as you feel you can handle. When it comes to canon characters though, please try not to pick up two characters who require a lot of interaction with each other. Playing Chase and Cameron, for example, would not be allowed.

ELEVEN · Original characters are welcome but please refrain from submitting Mary Sues/Gary Sues. Try and make your characters realistic. Flaws can be some of the most rewarding aspects of characterization. Originals may be hospital staff, family, patients, or other characters who may be around regularly. If you are applying as a family member of a current canon character, it's polite to talk to that canon character about it first.

TWELVE · Since these people see each other everyday and a good portion of this game takes place in threads, there will be a time discrepancy. We cannot ask you to be on every day, completing logs for all the possible events that happened that day. With this in mind, one week in the game will last two weeks for the players. You will have two weeks to finish up your logs and get done what needs to be done. The moderators will post to let you know when new weeks begin so everyone is on the same page. This will be a trial. If it becomes evident that we need more time or don't need as much time, the time allowance will be adjusted. Please just try to be active.

THIRTEEN · Stay active or you may be overridden. If there is no sign of activity from you for two weeks, we will consider you inactive. It is not hard to be active. A journal entry, a comment thread, a scene thread, and posting an AIM log all count as activity. You should be able to do at least one of those every two weeks. We hope that if you're applying for a major character, such as a member of House's team, that you will be around more than once every two weeks. If you cannot dedicate yourself, please consider a lesser role. Allowances are of course made for real life events that get in the way of gameplay. Just make sure you notify the moderators if you are going to be away for awhile. The Admin Post and plainsboro_ooc are both there for your benefit.

FOURTEEN · This game is set directly following "Half-Wit". Any events past this episode have not taken place.

FIFTEEN · For information on how the POTW will work, go here.

SIXTEEN · Despite all the rules, we ask you to try and have fun. Enjoy yourselves : )
10th-Feb-2007 07:07 pm - REFERENCES AND POTW
Since we often ask you be researched and knowledgeable about your canon information in this game, we thought we should provide you with a few helpful links.


House MD Guide - A good source for character information, quotes, timeline and other useful facts.
HouseFans.net - More good canon reference material.
Wikipedia - You can look up pretty much anything on here. The show, the characters, New Jersey, medical terms, etc.
WebMD - A good medical site.


house_canon - Have a question? Someone is sure to answer it here.

Any additional links or suggestions are welcome. Just comment.


Q: How do we handle the various diagnostic cases here at plainsboro?

A: The moderators will post a patient profile, symptoms, and diagnosis whenever a case is taken. In comment to that post, players will be able to discuss how they wish to handle the specifics of the plot. In general we ask you take your time discovering and treating the various symptoms before ultimately reaching the conclusion. Try not to announce the diagnosis IC too early in the in game week. These profiles and discussions are mostly a method of keeping everyone on the same page. We do not ask you to focus on the medical aspects of the series. If you should be writing a scene between Cuddy and House that needs to reference the case, it will be there for the players to use.

If you have an idea for a patient, a disease, or any general plotline concerning a POTW, please comment this post with your suggestions. We really encourage your input on this.

Q: What are the weekly themes all about?

A: A dedicated House fan is familiar with the calculated parallels between the POTW and the lives of the doctors attending to them. Each in game week, along with the POTW profile, you will be given a theme. It is just a helpful prompt to hopefully inspire your writing. We encourage you to come up with subtle or obvious parallels between your character’s life and the current theme. Hopefully this will add an episodic sense to each case.

Q: Where can I find the current POTW profile and theme?

A: http://community.livejournal.com/plainsboro_ooc/5206.html
7th-Feb-2007 09:23 pm - APPLICATION
Interested? I hope so. After checking out the Rules and the Taken/Available Character List, feel free to apply for an open role. You are welcome to apply for a character that is listed as pending as well. Comment here with your application (if it's too long, multiple comments are fine), or e-mail it to princetonplainsboro@gmail.com. The moderators will read every application sent to us and choose who we feel would be best for the role based on writing and characterization. This goes for multiple applications for the same character as well as singular applications for a character. If you are accepted, your application will be replied to in order to let you know. If you have any questions, feel free to ask in the Administration Post.


Please note that the application is long and thorough in order to examine your writing, characterization, and interest in the role. We're not doing this to torture you. :)

7th-Feb-2007 09:15 pm - TAKEN/AVAILABLE





Characters listed under pending means an application has been submitted and is currently being decided on. You can still apply for a character on the pending list.

NOTE : If there is a role taken that appears inactive and you are interested in overriding them, please comment here and ask. Sometimes journals appear inactive even when the character is active in the main community and comments. We will be happy to tell you whether they are really inactive or not.
7th-Feb-2007 09:14 pm - ADMIN POST
Need to contact the moderators? This is the place. Your comments will be screened and we'll get to them as soon as possible. Feel free to ask questions, lodge complaints, make suggestions, let us know that you're going to be out of town, etc. etc. Anything that you need to inform us of or talk to us about can go here.
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